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New Executive Director for FISH

February 1st, 2022

Big Welcome

February 1st, 2022

A new year marks a new Executive Director for FISH!

We hold dear in our hearts Kim and her family, and are so grateful for her service to our FISH Pantry. Since her departure Bella and Anne have successfully maintained the operation and stepped up to new challenges and more responsibility. Now, with a new year beginning, the board has found a new Executive Director.

David GrahamDavid Graham comes to FISH with an extensive background in all things food related, and particularly with a good deal of emergency food program experience. David was most recently deeply involved with emergency food programs developed during this COVID crisis. His role took him across the country to deal with “Hot Spot” breakouts of COVID. His company worked with FEMA and State agencies in providing daily meal kits for at risk families during peak lockdown times. David gained a good deal of knowledge and found the ability to serve the most at risk in a rewarding work environment.

Last year David got a call from his sister that their 93-year-old father who lived in Roseburg was having difficulty, so David returned to Roseburg and moved in with his father to care for him 24/7. His dad passed on Thanksgiving day of 2021, and though difficult, David felt blessed to be there through the end. Now, having far more free time, David was able to join FISH and put his experience and talents to work for our community.

David’s stated goals:

  1. Continue the positive work laid down by our founder, Vern, and our past director, Kim.
  2. To work with the Board of Directors, Bella, and our volunteers to build our outreach and strengthen our ties throughout the Roseburg community.
  3. To continue to be a good and solid steward of the funds, the food, the gifts and amazing energy of our volunteers who have built such a great reputation for FISH.

David is in office at our FISH pantry nearly every day, and his door is always open for conversation and Information regarding our endeavors, opportunities, and ideas. Stop in for a cup of coffee or give him a call and welcome our new Executive Director – he is here for you.

Be the change you wish to see in the world
– Mahatma Gandhi

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