FISH reduces hunger in our community and
responds with compassion to people in crisis.


What's new:

There were 10,375 pounds of food collected by 75 neighborhood coordinators from 687 food donors during the February 2014 collection for the Roseburg Food Project. Yay, Team!

Click on the green bag on the right to learn about the Roseburg Food Project on our new webpage. Learn how you can be a donor and/or neighborhood coordinator.

Next Roseburg Food Project pick up: Saturday June 14, 2014. 

FISH served 4,251 people in the month of March. Check out more stats in our April 2014 newsletter on the newsletter page.

Congratulations to the Douglas County Museum for winning the highly prestigious Food Cart Race sponsored by Roseburg Coastal Farm & Ranch and Brooke Communications. This event was held at Sherm's Thunderbird and was a benefit for the FISH Food Pantry. What a team!! What a community!!

Interesting fact: People are allowed to visit the FISH food pantry once a month. In 2013 about 41% visited the pantry only once. Another 17% needed emergency food twice during the year and 10% visited three times. Only about 2% of our clients needed to come to the pantry every month.



















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